In Honor of Sgt. Donald Keith Krenke

  • We visited your restaurant for lunch on 27 September 2015, and when leaving the bar area, mentioned that we were here to visit the Musee Utah Beach, where they had 2 very nice displays of my Father, Sgt. Donald K. Krenke, who landed on Utah Beach in WWII.  The nice man behind the bar handed my husband a black marker, and asked him to sign “In Honor of Sgt. Donald K. Krenke” on the wall. My husband stood on a chair, and signed this just above and to the right of the door to the exterior.  You asked that we send you a photo of my Father, which is attached, so that you can put it on the wall.
    Thank you so very much for your kindness in doing this.  I am so very proud of my Father’s service in the US Army, and for his assistance with the liberation of France!
    Vive La France!  Vive Les Etats Unis!

    — Donna Marie (Krenke) Block, Michigan, USA —
  • Hello,
    We thank you for your hospitality this past week at Le Roosevelt.
    I have attached a few photos of Mr. John Siewert that was taken at Utah Beach and your location. We look forward to receiving some of the photos that you took on the occasion of his visit.
    Uncle John thanks you again for the Utah Beach bottle and looks forward to seeing you next year.
    Best regards,

    — Glenn Gottfried —


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